Why biodegradable fabrics are the future of fashion

by Amelia Leme October 09, 2019 0 Comments

Why biodegradable fabrics are the future of fashion

With the fashion industry slowly starting to prioritize textiles that are just as easy on the planet as they are beautiful to the eye, new fabrics and technologies are making it possible for sustainability efforts to work in harmony with the apparel industry. 

With many new retailers making clothing from recycled bottles and other upcycled materials, new trends in fashion are making strides for the planet as well. But, many retailers are still missing the mark when it comes to considering the end life of the garment. 

Introduce biodegradable fabrics

An exciting solution to this problem has arisen in the form of biodegradable fabrics. When exposed to microbes that can be found in the ocean or landfill conditions, these new innovative fabrics will break down quickly leaving just water, methane, carbon dioxide, and biomass. This means, they'll last for years on your body, but once they head to landfill, they will break down quickly. It also means that with each wash cycle, you're sending less microfibers into the ocean. 


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Mana Threads goes biodegradable

"In researching fabrics, I learned about the industry's environmental impact on the planet." says Amelia Leme, founder of Mana Threads, "The reality is, we don’t need another clothing company, we need more clothing being produced that is better for our health and for the planet. Knowing the environmental impact, I had to make changes to my product to still have my purpose and my passion align. As a small business, that was a change I could make, to use fabric that was high performance but better for the planet."

Historically, the fashion industry and fast fashion has been a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and overproduction of textiles. However, it's new technologies like biodegradable fabric that will pave the way for sweeping changes in the fashion industry, and together, allow us to continue to be gentler to our planet. 

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To see more of Mana Threads new biodegradable collection, head here: 


To read more about our biodegradable fabrics, click here: 


Amelia Leme
Amelia Leme


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