About Mana Threads: Reimagining Sustainable Apparel for Women

Our Mission

Mana Threads creates unquestionably comfortable clothing that moves with you as you wander, explore, adventure, get lost in life, and then simply rinse and repeat. We are a community that is rooted in sisterhood. It doesn’t matter if your besties live next door or halfway around the world - life is about connecting often, laughing out loud, and adventuring hard.

Our business is built with the same honesty and integrity we use to create our clothing; with sustainability, comfort and goodness for all. We believe that what you give out, you get in return. We choose to give out love - for our passions, for others, for our communities, and for what we believe in. Join us in giving out love for the life you choose to live. Join us in living bold lives that let you STAND OUT.

Our Core Values

  • Promote movement-based living and a more mindful connection to ourselves, each other and our dearest Mother Earth.
  • Design and produce our products with a mindset of sustainability working with the concept of a circular economy, and consideration for the whole life of the garment.
  • Create and foster environments where passion and purpose can collide
  • Support our communities and create meaningful relationships with those around us.

Our Promise

  • We will deliver the highest quality high performance product every time, guaranteed.
  • We will inspire you to live bold and pass on that inspiration to others.
  • We will inspire you to prioritize experiences over material things
  • We will embrace you with open arms and uncluttered hearts.
  • We will create products that are mindful of over-consumption, sustainably bold and consider the whole life of the garment.
  • We will continue to support nonprofits working to save our planet.

Meet Our Team

Amelia Leme Founder of Mana Threads

Amelia Leme | Founder

Amelia founded Mana Threads in 2015 with a passion for an active lifestyle and in search of vibrant activewear that wasn't boring! Today, she designs all of Mana Threads collections and researches continued ways for our clothing to be sustainably  and ethically produced. When she's not working hard making Mana Threads a great brand, she can be found Mountain Biking, Surfing or generally living that outdoor life!

"At Mana Threads, we believe sustainability shouldn’t be boring! We bring energy and passion to doing what’s right and look great while doing it. Join us on our journey where sustainability, innovation, and community spirit feeds us and drives our every move! Expect more, do more, and invest in aspirations with the courage to think that more is not merely a possibility, but a necessity."

Sustainable activewear for Women

Claire Brown | Marketing Manager

Claire joined the Mana Threads team in 2019. Her favorite thing about her Mana Threads is that they are unquestionably comfortable, but also good for the planet! When not in the office, you can find Claire on long hikes with her dog, Khaleesi, or biking around Lake Champlain with her partner. 

"When I joined the Mana Threads team, it was such an amazing opportunity to work with a company that values transparency and truly cares about the women wearing their products. It's refreshing as a marketer to be able to help grow a brand that I passionately believe is doing great things for women and the planet!"

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